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With the development of the Internet, many aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers began to sell aluminum alloy doors and windows online, but with regard to online sales, more aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers rely on traditional home shopping malls to sell products. In the past year, the transformation of home shopping malls has been a hot spot for companies. What changes have been made to home shopping malls

traditional home shopping malls welcome innovation

nowadays, experiential shopping malls are making a stronger and stronger sound. The shortcomings of traditional home stores that cannot attract more popularity are being exposed. Although some stores have made various efforts, compared with the popularity of some home stores that are used to the world trend, China's traditional stores obviously have infinite room for improvement in gathering popularity. In 2016, it is believed that more stores will come up with more magic weapons in gathering popularity, and there will be more new business forces to rewrite the old rules, so that traditional home stores will present more substantive innovations to get used to the new trend of entity spending that is changing

the transformation of industry to service

one of the most important signs of the transformation of industry to service is the service transformation of traditional sales channels. At present, the requirement of a home brand shopping guide is that he should not only know common sense of home, but also know common sense of decoration. Even for some customers, he also needs to know common sense of Feng Shui, constellation and so on. Of course, consumers' perceptions of home furnishing have been changing. Consumers not only need more customized homes, but also need a designer to explain home style and design home space for him, so that home becomes the most important part. In order to get used to this new spending trend, many home furnishing companies have made every effort to let their own salespersons take on more personalized services. Companies that make such transformations often get endless returns

gradually shift to online sales

the momentum of online sales, which devours the market share of traditional ways like a flood, may be weakened, but it will never be reversed. It is just that the momentum of attacks slows down, and more traditional companies will appear in the field of online sales. The primary reason why traditional companies are not good in the field of online sales is that the person in charge of the company has little knowledge of the network and cannot flexibly use new technologies and new methods to form a joint force with existing advantages to invent and implement new advantages. This situation is expected to change with the rejuvenation, common sense and gradual awakening of the heads of traditional companies

the primacy of the brand of home furnishing companies is highlighted

2016 will be another year of income increase for Chinese people. In the context of the overall increase in residents' income, home furnishing companies with brands will be the primary winners. The exemplary role of brand building will be more apparent, and more companies will invest in brand building teams. I believe that more companies will learn the truth of brand building in 2016. Some companies that have made achievements in brand building will further standardize their own brand practices and achieve brand success at a higher level

brain drain is severe

the trend of labor population reduction is still continuous. The reduction of the working population will inevitably lead to an even worse employment environment for production companies and commercial companies, and workers will have greater bargaining space. That is to say, the employment question is still a headache for all home furnishing companies. And in the foreseeable future, the working population will continue to reduce. Today's question will be a small one in twoorthree years. Treating employees well and retaining them means retaining the competitiveness of the company, which is the same as buying good machinery and equipment

the trend of household industry equalization continues

from the upsurge of building household industrial parks across China, the trend of household industry layout equalization in China is still continuing. The household industry has both high added value and the characteristics of difficult large-scale industrialization. The natural fragmentation of this industry effectively thwarted the invasion of big money, making this industry destined to have more living space. According to this industrial feature, these home furnishing industrial parks theoretically have their own long-term living space

the aluminum alloy door and window industry is the primary household occupation. In 2016, the above six changes are also important for aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers. Whether in the implementation approach, talent management, brand implementation or service, only by analyzing these changes and doing well in the relevant countermeasures can we cope with the market competition very well and not be eliminated




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