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We can see the figure of automatic telescopic door in communities, schools, factories and so on. Automatic telescopic door is a kind of telescopic door controlled by automatic control or remote control. From the material of telescopic door, it can be divided into aluminum telescopic door, stainless steel telescopic door, iron telescopic door and alloy telescopic door

The circuit control system of the automatic telescopic door mainly includes: operation key box, control motherboard with CPU as the core, detection and control circuit composed of remote controller and some sensors, etc. Since the structure of the automatic telescopic door is much more complex than the ordinary door structure, we should also pay attention to the maintenance methods in our daily life. Today, Xiaobian will share with you some maintenance methods of automatic telescopic doors

[working principle of automatic telescopic door]

main structure and working principle of automatic telescopic door: the core door is mainly composed of door body, driver and control system. The door body is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and ordinary square pipe. It is hinged by the principle of parallelogram, with flexible expansion and large stroke. The drive is driven by a special motor. The worm and worm gears are decelerated. There is no manual clutch. It can be opened and closed manually in case of power failure. The control system has a control board, a button switch and a user's remote control device

[common automatic telescopic door maintenance]

first, why does the opposite door often appear automatic reverse phenomenon

automatic reverse of the opposite door is a malfunction caused by poor infrared anti-interference ability or radiation induction. Generally, it is solved by coding or replacing the PCB board. The pushing triode of the infrared output relay can also be indirectly connected to a 47uF electrolytic capacitor at the be pole to filter external interference. The current general-purpose circuit is divided into versions a and B. the signal channel has been processed in the circuit and no coding is required, but the door opening should be used together with versions a and B

second, what is the fault of chattering during the operation of the barrier gate

the chattering during the operation is mainly caused by the fact that the length (weight) of the brake rod is not proportional to the spring tension. If the lower rod will not tremble, and the rising rod will tremble, it means that the tension of the tension spring is too strong, and you can loosen the tension of the spring; The upper rod will not vibrate while the lower rod. The spring tension is insufficient. It is necessary to tighten the tension spring or replace the tension spring

III. it can be switched on and off but not shut down

it means that there is no problem with the red, white and yellow lines of the motor line, and there is no short circuit in the signal line. The main reason is that the limit signal is not sent to the controller or the limit function of the controller is bad. No automatic shutdown: A. limit sensors K1 and K2 are open at the same time (the limit sensor is closed with magnetic field and disconnected without magnetic field); b. The public line is open in blue c. The controller is broken; Use the above inspection method for the same measurement

IV. can close (open) can't open (close)

can close (open) can't open (close) It indicates that the white common wire of the motor is in good condition You can first measure whether the red (yellow) and white lines of the motor are connected, and then measure whether the blue and gray (green) signal lines and K2 (K1) sensor switches are short circuited The inspection method can refer to " Cannot switch "e

v. the automatic telescopic door cannot be opened and closed

first check whether there is mains power and whether the fuse is burned. If the fuse is broken, a comprehensive inspection must be carried out

unplug the underground cable plug in the reception room, use the multimeter rx1 gear, and measure whether the red, white and yellow leads of the motor are connected, (yellow (red) and white, the resistance should be about 15 ohms, yellow and red should be about 30 ohms), and then use r× Check whether there is a certain resistance between 10K gear and other wires (mainly to check whether there is an indirect short circuit between wires) The red, white and yellow motor wires are disconnected (the resistance is infinite), and then detect the red, white and yellow in the terminal box at the tail of the machine. If they are connected, it indicates that the red, white and yellow in the underground cable are open circuit; No connection: disassemble the hood again, and measure these three lines at the plug connecting the door row and the machine head. If they are connected, it means that the line from the end of the door row to the reception room is broken (including the poor contact of each plug); If it still fails, directly measure whether the motor stator coil is open circuit

Xiaobian conclusion: the above is Xiaobian's introduction to the maintenance methods of automatic telescopic doors. I believe that friends who have seen it can have more understanding of automatic telescopic doors, and I hope it can be helpful to friends who maintain and repair automatic telescopic doors. For more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to the information platform




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