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It's nearly Tanabata again. Do you want to know how many people still believe in love? Recently, when analyzing the market data of the past year, we found an interesting fact: love related products are very popular

customer story

love of the city, passionate confession of life

77 is the goddess of designers. Although she is quiet and gentle, she rarely confides her thoughts. Without warning, Qiqi suddenly announced that he was going to get married. He was a freelance photographer with long hair. They had chosen a loft apartment

the designer said:

Best Selling: Shaohua (wl-1135ep)

what is the hottest love? There's no reason, but I like it! Fu Yun exquisite carving is just natural. The deeper relief shape makes the wooden door show a three-dimensional aesthetic feeling, just like the deep eyebrows and eyes of Iranians. Relief ・ extraordinary series, released in October 2017, has been on the market for three years, representing the door "Shaohua", and is firmly in the forefront of best-selling doors

customer story

fairy tale love, live into a prince and princess

Zixuan is the youngest female executive of the company, not only outstanding ability, but also elegant and intellectual. By chance, I met Mr. Zhou, a famous lawyer. A year later, they decided to get married and bought a 400 square meter elevator into a Western-style house in a luxury community

the designer said:

best selling style: Romanism (y056p)

love needs fairy tales, and life needs princes and princesses. Roman holiday makes Hepburn's elegance and romance one of the most charming love endorsements. The classic European style door "Romanism" has become the first choice for many people with light and luxurious decoration because of its strong lines and powerful and dignified artistic beauty

customer story

pure love, deep in the heart, such as Jane

Yu Tong is a young ol who takes more than 10 subway stations to work every day. Three years ago, due to the drop of Bluetooth headset, she met her boyfriend Zhiqiang, an it man who works in the science park. This year, they finally saved enough money, paid the down payment and bought a 78 square meter wedding house

the designer said:

best selling products: meet (wl-1026p)

how to express fate? This has always been a difficult topic. We are convinced that only the simplest can be remembered for a long time. The fashionable and simple door "meet", two "encounter" straight-line carvings, has become a "pop" in the hearts of fashionable men and women. This should be what most love is like

customer story

enduring love: happiness is woven into a net

Lao Zhao is a long-distance bus driver and works very hard. His wife Shujuan is a company accountant. She has been married for ten years and loves her as before. My son is 6 years old, and my daughter has just been born with a second child this year. Lao Zhang and his wife planned to use their savings for many years to exchange for a larger house, a small three bedroom house with an area of about 110 square meters

the designer said:

best selling style: deep love (s071p)

long love, such as weaved years, is often the most touching. You don't have to be brilliant forever. It's enough to know how to cherish. Tomorrow will be better. The flat-panel paint door style "deep love", the simple grid design with cross interweaving, implies that forever, lovers depend on each other, and the only choice for a happy family

I want to be a man with one heart and white heads. Love is the eternal theme and the most indispensable thing for a better life. Zhanzhi Tianhua, a product with temperature, shows the truth in human fireworks. (all the characters in this story are pseudonyms, please don't take your seat according to the number)

Tanabata "price" for you, "true love" Preview

love themed wooden doors have exploded in 998, and various wooden doors are free to send space purification function upgrades. Born for love, zhanzhi Tianhua is waiting for you

(the event will take place from August 1 to August 18, 2019. Please consult tmall customer service or shopping guides of major stores for details of product models and other preferential rules.)




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