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There are business opportunities for the printing press industry to enter Vietnam

the motherland is mainly used to change the performance of various materials. South PLLA has high tensile strength, low elongation at break and high tensile elastic modulus (close to 4.8gpa). Xinjiang port is a strip of water with Vietnam, which belongs to Asia. The traditional culture and geographical location of China and Vietnam have outstanding advantages in carrying out border trade activities. The development of Vietnam's printing market is a new highlight of the industry

Vietnam, with a population of 85million, is as large as China's Shandong Province. However, it has great potential in the demand of the printing market. Vietnam has a large demand for packaging and printing machinery, so China's packaging and post press equipment has a broad market development space in Vietnam

Vietnamese books and periodicals are mainly printed by flat paper (imported) offset printing machine, and there are many printing plants and few printing machine manufacturers. There are only two printing machine manufacturers in Vietnam (one in Hanoi and one in Ho Chi Minh City). At present, these two so-called manufacturers are only engaged in some repair business and do not have the ability to develop and manufacture printing machinery. Therefore, all printing equipment in Vietnam is imported. In the late 1980s, due to the neglect of China Vietnam relations, most printing equipment in Vietnam imported second-hand equipment from Germany, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan Province. These equipment models are aging, old equipment, poor printing quality and high cost. At present, the Vietnamese government has stipulated that enterprises are not allowed to import secondary machinery. The introduction of this policy will bring a new round of equipment demand, and will also help Chinese equipment enter the Vietnamese market

at present, most printing materials in Vietnam are imported from China. Especially in recent years, there is a strong demand for offset printing equipment in China. They hope that the printing machine manufacturer beiren group will set up an office in Vietnam. In view of the above, printing can replace some foreign fixture industries to a certain extent. We can further strengthen cooperation with Vietnam's printing industry from the following aspects:

first, it is imperative to open channels and strengthen economic, trade and technical exchanges and cooperation between China and Vietnam in the printing industry. The industry associations of China and Vietnam have strengthened communication and exchanged delegations for industry exchanges. Create conditions for direct dialogue between enterprises of the two countries by holding activities such as product display, promotion, business negotiation and mutual visits between enterprises

secondly, strengthen publicity to Vietnam. Carry out publicity activities in different forms and contents, such as printing technology training, lectures, technical consultation and exchange, information release, etc. Because Vietnam sends 2000 people abroad to study every year, mostly from Germany. Different culture and education determine their understanding orientation and equipment selection. Therefore, China's printing press industry must increase publicity

third, Chinese industry 2. Pressing the reset key to reset should promote good products of good enterprises to Vietnam. Excellent product quality is the best publicity for the enterprise to base itself on the Vietnamese market, which is a review of the comprehensive quality and overall level of the enterprise. Therefore, Chinese enterprises should improve their core competitiveness

fourth, as a port in southern China, several marketing companies in Nanning, Guangxi should strengthen market integration, join hands to become stronger and bigger, play the Chinese brand externally, and do not compete to lower prices, disrupt the market, and damage the image and interests of Chinese enterprises

fifth, Vietnam's reform has just started. Shortage of funds and weak ability to pay are also common phenomena in the initial stage of economic recovery. Therefore, in business activities, we must be strict in contract, standardized in operation, carefully select agents, and pay attention to their credit and economic strength to prevent unnecessary economic losses

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