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The import of waste raw materials must be registered recently, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China issued measures to implement the registration system for overseas suppliers of waste raw materials. From november1,2004 (subject to the signing date of the bill of lading or waybill), the port inspection and quarantine authority will no longer accept the application for inspection of the goods of unregistered overseas suppliers of imported waste raw materials. In addition, the electrical system of the dynamometer of the hydraulic universal testing machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is mainly used to realize the start, stop, forward and reverse rotation of the motor of the oil pump and the motor on the beam, as well as the short circuit, overload protection and Mechanical limit protection of the motor. If the imported waste raw materials do not meet the environmental control requirements of China after being inspected by the port inspection and quarantine authority at the time of entry, not only the waste is not allowed to enter the country, And the supplier of waste raw materials may be disqualified

in recent years, the import volume of waste and used raw materials at Xiamen port has increased year by year. Statistics show that in the first may of 2004, the batch number of waste raw materials imported at Xiamen port increased by 174 year-on-year. The wind power industry is the main utilization field of composite materials, with cargo weight increasing by 143.7%, cargo value increasing by 255.7% and container volume increasing by 77.1%. The imported waste raw materials (mainly including waste paper, waste plastics, waste hardware, etc.) have 1284 batches, weight 252142 tons, value of $58.075 million and 16939 TEUs. These goods mainly come from North America, South America, Central America, the European Union, Japan and other countries and regions. At present, there are already trading enterprises specialized in the import of waste raw materials in Xiamen. The inspection and quarantine department reminds these enterprises that they should seize the time to apply to the AQSIQ for registration as an overseas supplier of imported waste raw materials. The deadline for application is 200. The research and utilization of aerogel gel insulation in the field of building energy conservation is still in its infancy. It will not be accepted after the expiration of August 1, 2004

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