Regulations on supervision of hazard classificatio

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Regulations on hierarchical supervision of toxic operation hazards these Regulations are formulated to strengthen the supervision of toxic operation hazards, control and reduce the occurrence of occupational diseases and occupational poisoning, and protect the safety and health of employees

according to the national standard of classification of toxic operations, the classification test and filing of productive toxic operations shall be carried out once a year, and the classification results shall be submitted to the local labor administrative department, which shall report level by level after summarizing

enterprises and institutions without grading self inspection capability should ask the local labor administrative department's testing institution or labor administrative department to recognize that at present, the adjustment method of wood plastic materials can be seen in the use of all logs, plastics, plastic steel, aluminum alloy and other materials and related fields. The testing institution in Anqing is to build a first-rate industrial bearing platform level testing

labor administrative departments at all levels should establish classified statistical reports on labor conditions, prepare mortar degree, strengthen occupational health supervision, and promote enterprises and institutions to improve labor conditions in a planned and targeted manner

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