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Affected by environmental factors, some regions may have the risk of inventory accumulation

by the end of November 2019, the average price of white glass for construction nationwide was 1684 yuan, up 12 yuan month on month and 77 yuan year on year. At the end of the month, the capacity utilization rate of float glass was 69.35%, up -0.53% month on month and -1.82% year on year; After excluding zombie capacity, the utilization rate of glass capacity was 82.40%, up -0.64% month on month and -2.72% year on year. The production capacity in process was 93.3 million heavy containers, an increase of -7.2 million heavy containers month on month and -10.2 million heavy containers year on year. At the end of the month, the industrial inventory was 37.68 million heavy containers, an increase of 580000 heavy containers month on month, and an increase of 6.4 million heavy containers year on year would cause cracks and defects in the test body. The inventory days at the end of the month were 14.74 days, an increase of 0.34 days month on month and 2.64 days year on year

from a regional perspective, the price rise in Central China ranks first, repairing the difference that did not rise in the previous period

prices in East China and South China also continued to rise by a certain margin, and the transaction was acceptable. The price in Shahe area has been adjusted to a certain extent. Prices in Northeast, northwest and southwest regions have also been adjusted sporadically, with a small range

in terms of production capacity, fulette Jiaxing second line 600 tons of water discharge cold repair. The fifth line of Zhangzhou Qibin glass company was repaired with 600 tons of water cooling

the regional trends are as follows:

East China:

the overall trend of the glass spot market in East China this week is acceptable, the production and sales of production enterprises are in line with expectations, the spot price has increased by a certain extent, and the market confidence has not changed much. After the golden nine and silver ten, the downstream processing enterprises are still maintained at a certain level, and the real estate market's demand for glass consumption is acceptable. At the same time, the financial situation of some real estate enterprises eased, and the number of purchase orders increased slightly. The transportation of some glass products in North China has been affected, and the number of sales to East China has also decreased month on month. However, after the last ten days, the amount of glass entry in some northeast regions increased, mainly in coastal areas. It is expected that with the change of demand in the terminal market, the stability of spot price will increase in the later stage, and manufacturers will mainly support the price

South China:

the overall trend of the glass spot market in South China this month is acceptable, the production and sales of manufacturers are normal, and the quotations of some manufacturers have increased. At present, South China is in the peak sales season, and the orders of processing enterprises are acceptable, so they have a good enthusiasm for purchasing glass. The Guangxi Beihai production line that ignited in the early stage plans to produce the guide plate in the middle of next month, which has little impact on the current situation. The spot price performance in Central China this month was eye-catching, which repaired the price difference in the early stage and promoted the increase of market confidence. There is still a certain market demand in the south next month, and the contradiction between supply and demand will not change much. Spot prices are also expected to remain at a good level

North China:

the glass spot market in North China performed poorly this month, with a large adjustment, and the market turnover was general. The spot price rose sharply in the early stage, which made it more difficult for Shahe glass to export glass with fast cooling speed. In addition, the strict supervision of environmental protection policies since this month also increased the cost of road transportation. As a result, the manufacturer's inventory has increased, and the price has also been adjusted by a large margin. After the latter ten days, the environmental protection policy became more and more stringent, making it more difficult to export. Traders' market sentiment has also changed significantly. After entering the heating season, environmental protection has a great impact on spot sales. It is expected that this effect will continue before the end of the heating season

southwest region:

the glass spot market sales in southwest region this month are acceptable, and the price changes little. The demand of local processing enterprises remains at a certain level

Northeast China:

demand in Northeast China decreased this month. Production enterprises have increased sales and exports in the South and reduced their dependence on the local market

northwest region:

the total transaction volume in the northwest region's glass spot market this month is acceptable, the spot price remains at a certain level, and the demand decreases in the latter ten days

future overview:

according to the data released by the National Bureau of statistics, the output of flat glass in October was 78.87 million heavy boxes, an increase of 4.0% year-on-year; In January, the cumulative output of flat glass was 776.2 million heavy boxes, an increase of 5.2% year-on-year. The market transaction this month is acceptable, and the price shows regional changes, which is also a normal phenomenon. In the short term, there is still a certain market demand in the south, and the consumption capacity of the original glass is not reduced. Therefore, on the whole, the spot market price will still show a high consolidation trend in the next month. From the perspective of inventory, the inventory of white glass for construction in China is also at a low level, and the bearing capacity of production enterprises is acceptable. The risk lies in the inventory accumulation caused by abnormal delivery of some production enterprises in northern China due to the impact of environmental protection supervision

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