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Rusf signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhejiang Xiaguang paint

rusf a/d conversion signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhejiang Xiaguang paint

April 23, 2021

on April 15, Zhejiang Xiaguang paint Co., Ltd. officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with rusf New Material Technology Co., Ltd

the two sides had full communication and exchange on giving full play to their own advantages, deepening cooperation, jointly launching high-quality new products for the paint market, and promoting industrial innovation and upgrading

director Xia Guang made it difficult for hydraulic oil activities. Zhou Xianyuan, the chief secretary, Zhou Kongliang, the procurement director, Chen Yong, the chief technical engineer, Zhou Yong, the deputy general manager of production, Luo Yu, the general manager of rostf, Gong Bowen, the research and development director, and the founding place of the regional manager attended the event and jointly witnessed the signing ceremony

in today's excessive pursuit of large-scale real stone paint, the competition of real stone paint is becoming more and more intense, and it is also facing the problems of lack of resources and low profits of manufacturers. Roth has conducted in-depth discussions with Xiaguang paint on these problems. Xiaguang's development concept of "driving the future with quality and reputation, innovation and value" coincides with Roth, and it is also one of the opportunities to promote in-depth cooperation between the two sides

Gong Bowen, R & D director of Roth, introduced the product performance and characteristics of light stone paint and crystal color paint in detail, and specifically analyzed the excellent performance of light stone paint in storage stability, stain resistance, air pressure resistance, water white resistance and other aspects. Light stone paint is not real stone paint, but surpasses real stone paint with the characteristics of high simulation, high performance, easy battery system carrier and battery base construction, and more environmental protection

President Zhou attached great importance to and looked forward to this cooperation. He believed that the acceptance of products made in China with high quality and high price really needed a process. Although this process is a little painful and even long, once the quality is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the "market state" will change 180 degrees. At the meeting, the two sides discussed the opportunities and challenges of coating lotion technology, and conducted in-depth exchanges on the latest one-stop solution of lotion technology, seeking to improve high-quality and high-value products

every enterprise needs to break through its own limitations, break traditional boundaries, and quickly update itself, so as to find new positioning and new development space. Based on chemical industry 7 The test bench should have the revision function in the field of raw materials, and form its brand core competitiveness by focusing on industry + resource integration + industrial layout + capital integration + platform, so as to realize the sustainable strategic development of enterprises. Today's strategic cooperation signing is only a small step in the Long March, and the more magnificent scenery is in the near future

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