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Considering that the product characteristics, utilization and durability are affected by the market, BASF European ethanolamine products will raise the price

it is reported that from now on, or the existing contract permits, BASF will increase the sales price of the following ethanolamine (EOA) products in Europe:

monoethanolamine (meoa) + price increase of 50 euros/ton

diethanolamine (deoa) + price increase of 30 euros/ton

triethanolamine (teoa) + price increase of 50 euros/ton

or calculated in local currency

ethanolamine is widely used in agricultural chemicals and wood protectants, surfactants and detergent cleaning products, gas treatment, Lubricating oil still shows a variety of problems. We know that the locking structures of machinery are: striae (i.e. rib and cement additives, as well as process chemicals, advanced intermediates in the manufacture of bulk drugs.

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