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Pay attention to the research of packaging economics

1. The necessity of establishing the discipline of packaging economy in China

since the reform and opening up, the development of socialist commodity economy and the establishment and gradual improvement of socialist market economic system have provided conditions and impetus for the rapid development of China's packaging industry, and China's packaging industry has grown from small to large, and has achieved considerable leapfrog development. The output value of the packaging industry has been increasing at an average annual growth rate of more than 18%, reaching 237.6 billion yuan by 2001, ranking 15th among the 40 industries in the national economy. The ratio of the output value of the packaging industry to the total output value of the whole society has increased from 0.4% in the early 1980s to about 2%. Packaging industry has become a pillar industry of our national economy and a sunrise industry with great potential. The packaging industry has developed from a decentralized auxiliary industry to an independent and relatively complete industrial system. On the whole, China is gradually becoming a big packaging country. In more than 20 years, China has completed nearly 40 years of development in developed countries

however, due to its weak foundation and late start, China's packaging industry still cannot meet the needs of China's national economic development in the new century, and the development of the packaging industry still does not meet the international competition background of economic globalization and the requirements of China's national economic development. At present, the world packaging industry is developing in the direction of high technology, new materials, low cost, high quality, large-scale, specialization and intensification. Compared with developed countries in the world, there is still a big gap in the development level of China's packaging industry. Especially since China has joined the WTO, market architects usually only consider the issue of structural safety, and the speed and scope of opening will be further accelerated and expanded. Therefore, more foreign packaging enterprise groups will pour in, and imported packaging materials and packaging products will occupy the Chinese market more. Domestic packaging enterprises will face greater competitive pressure. Of course, China's entry into WTO also brings a rare historical opportunity to the development of China's packaging industry. After China's entry into WTO, how to face the challenges, grasp the opportunities, promote the optimization and upgrading of China's packaging industrial structure and the improvement of packaging enterprises, so that the packaging industry can develop continuously and rapidly, form a leading industry to stimulate the development of the national economy, and achieve the goal of a large packaging country moving towards a powerful packaging country is an important task for the present and future periods, and it is also an important topic on how to speed up the development of China's packaging industry in the new century

the packaging industry is an important part of the national economy, and product production and commodity exchange are inseparable from packaging. The development level of packaging industry reflects the level of a country's industrial modernization. The production of commodity packaging, as an important industry, plays a very important role in our national economy. The United States, Japan and other developed countries have special packaging economics theories and publications published as the theoretical guidance for the development of this industry, while the whole party is not fully aware of packaging economics theories and other related theories in China. Packaging economics has not yet been set up in packaging majors, including economics, which has not yet been born in China. An important economic industry cannot meet the requirements of the development of this industry without the guidance of relevant economic theories. It is a work to fill in the gap to conduct in-depth research on packaging economics and establish the discipline of packaging economics in China. It has important theoretical and practical significance for improving China's industrial economics theory and guiding the development practice of packaging industry

2 such as automotive interior. The research content of packaging economics

the discipline classification of packaging economics belongs to industrial economics. It must be guided by the basic principles of Marxist political economics, and at the same time, learn from western economics and Western and Chinese industrial economics theories, industrial economics, Business Economics, consumer economics, marketing, technical economics, merchandising, consumer psychology, environmental protection We should conduct a comprehensive, systematic and in-depth study of other relevant theories of packaging aesthetics and economic management, and finally form a packaging economics that meets the requirements of the development of the national economy

The basic theoretical issues of packaging economics mainly involve the research object, discipline system, research methods of packaging economics, the discipline nature and characteristics of packaging economics, the task of establishing the discipline of packaging economics, and the relationship between packaging economics and other related disciplines

The specific research content of packaging economics can involve the following aspects:

2.1 the emergence and development of packaging industry

commodity packaging is the product of commodity exchange, and the emergence of commodity packaging production as an industry is related to the emergence of market economy as a basic means of allocating social resources and the high socialization and specialization of social production The characteristics of commercialized and modern fatigue testing machine are that it can complete the construction of China's largest energy-saving electronic aluminum foil production line with high load, high starting point and high standard, and is associated with high frequency and low consumption. Packaging economy does not need to study and elaborate on the development of historical logical process theoretically

2.2 the status, role and goal orientation of the packaging industry in the national economy

the packaging industry in developed countries is one of the three major process industries of modern industry. It has a very important position. Today's packaging has become a part of the production process. Without commodity packaging, production is not completed. Packaging is closely related to the production and circulation of commodities. Commodity packaging plays an extremely important role in protecting commodities, facilitating storage and transportation, promoting sales and facilitating consumption. The object of packaging is commodities, and the production and exchange of commodities are inseparable from packaging. In this sense, the packaging industry is a large industry relying on supporting facilities and covering all industrial sectors of the national economy, and its position and role in the national economy are becoming increasingly prominent. Therefore, packaging economics must conduct a comprehensive and in-depth study

2.3 commodity packaging and marketing

marketing is an important part of the business economics system. The analysis of marketing environment, market segmentation, the selection of target markets and marketing mix strategies, that is, the use of product strategies, pricing strategies, distribution channel strategies and promotion strategies, are all related to commodity packaging. Packaging economics must combine the basic theory of marketing to elaborate the economic function of commodity packaging and the commercial economic significance of commodity packaging

2.4 economic benefits of commodity packaging and its evaluation

packaging economics must study the special connotation of packaging economic benefits, the indicators and index system reflecting packaging economic benefits, various factors affecting packaging economic benefits, and the evaluation and calculation methods of packaging economic benefits. At the same time, it should also study the significance and ways of optimizing packaging economic effects and improving packaging economic benefits

2.5 commodity packaging and environmental protection

this aspect mainly studies the relationship between commodity packaging and the environment, the development and utilization of packaging resources, and how to reduce the environmental pollution caused by packaging and the treatment, regeneration and reuse of packaging waste, in order to protect the ecological environment, obtain good social environmental benefits and promote the sustainable development of the packaging industry

2.6 packaging industry structure and its optimization

this aspect mainly focuses on the in-depth study of packaging product structure, industrial structure, packaging industry layout structure, etc. we should make an empirical analysis of the existing structure, and on this basis, study the principles and Countermeasures of structural adjustment, so as to promote the optimization of packaging industry structure

2.7 packaging economic management

the research in this area mainly involves the national macro management of the packaging industry, the packaging industry management system, the packaging industry policy and the packaging industry management theory, and at the same time carries out a comprehensive study in the aspects of packaging standardization, rationalization, trademark management, quality management, and the construction of packaging laws and regulations

in addition, the packaging economy must also study the management of packaging enterprises

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