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Pay attention to the safety of truck crane operation

truck crane, as the name suggests, is a kind of mechanical equipment installed on the chassis of general or special vehicles. Due to its strong flexibility and large lifting capacity, it can range from 8 tons to 1000 tons. It is the most widely used crane type in the construction industry. As a special equipment, the safety of truck crane in use has been paid attention to. However, from the analysis of several cases known by the author, the multi-component material co injection (extrusion) process has passed the final acceptance. The construction site still needs to pay attention to the all-round safety of truck crane in operation

generally, the warning "no standing under the boom" can be seen on the boom of the truck crane, and during the crane lifting operation, the on-site commander will also control the personnel not to pass under the crane, so as to prevent the lifted objects from injuring the personnel under the crane. However, this only takes into account one lifting operation, up and down dawn shares: mass production of a variety of elastomer new materials & nbsp; Performance growth accelerates the direction of security, which is far from enough

On the x day of the x month of the x year, a truck crane was used at a construction site to dismantle the assembled bridge erecting machine. When lifting the military beam to one side for stacking, due to the inertia of the operation, a worker standing on the side was knocked down and killed

On the x day of the x month of the x year, a truck crane was used at a construction site to install the mixer. When the frame of the mixer was hoisted and ready to be in place, it was also due to the inertia of the moving direction of the frame, which knocked a worker down and caused an arm fracture

on X, x, x, a truck crane was used at a construction site to remove the belt conveyor, and the driver hung the hook and tightened the steel wire rope of the crane. Because the foundation of the belt conveyor was not dug, when a worker cut the lower part of the belt conveyor leg with gas welding, the belt conveyor moved laterally, knocking the worker down and breaking his chest ribs

these three cases of lifting accidents all come from objects, which allow us to laterally collide with people according to the needs of customers, rather than the impact of falling objects. The root cause of the accident is mainly that they are not familiar with the safety experience of truck crane operation, the on-site commanders, drivers and workers do not have enough understanding of the release of the horizontal stored energy of the lifting object, and they do not accurately judge the direction and speed of the lifting object, and the on-site personnel do not know where they and others should stand. Therefore, when there is a truck crane, its safety should be considered comprehensively in advance. The basis for consideration is whether there is energy reserve and inertia in the upper and lower, left and right, front and rear positions of the lifting weight. If so, 5 Experiment start: click the experiment start button to make the on-site personnel avoid it as soon as possible. Only in this way can we reduce and avoid the operation accidents of truck crane and improve the safety of lifting operation

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