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Shennongjia forest region and Fang county jointly build the great Shennongjia ecological corridor

release date: Source: China Green Times

on April 13, the Shennongjia Forest Region Government of Hubei Province and the Fang County Government of Shiyan City signed the agreement on the construction of nine ecological corridor belts of the GEF great Shennongjia project of the United Nations Environment Programme. The two sides will jointly build an ecological corridor with an area of about 20000 hectares to connect the Shennongjia National Park system pilot area and the savage Valley provincial nature reserve

Shennongjia has international brands such as world natural heritage, World Geopark, world man and Biosphere Reserve, and internationally important wetlands. It is surrounded by six national and provincial nature reserves, including eighteen mile long gorge, Duheyuan, and savage valley. For a long time, due to administrative divisions and other reasons, the Shennongjia National Park system pilot and the surrounding natural reserves have operated independently. Polymer powder only uses blending agents on the printhead, and the European Commission's food contact materials, enzymes, seasonings and processing aids group (CEF) has concluded that there is insufficient connectivity, and there is a phenomenon of protection blindness and isolation

in 2017, the GEF Hubei great Shennongjia project of the United Nations Environment Programme was launched. It plans to build a regional ecological protection area with Shennongjia as the core, including six surrounding natural protection areas and the establishment of macro-control and market conditioning mechanisms. Since the implementation of the project, Shennongjia and its surrounding reserves have established the alliance of adjacent nature reserves in Western Hubei and Eastern Chongqing, built 25 ecological corridors, completed the establishment of 120000 hectares of new reserves, and carried out more than 60 exchanges and training among the reserves

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