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Cherish and build a beautiful home: scientific instruments help protect land resources

today is the 28th "national land day", and the publicity theme is "cherish land resources and build a beautiful home". As the most precious natural resource for human survival and development, the emergence of land solution is the necessary condition and material basis for the realization of all labor processes. China has a vast territory and rich total land resources, but there are many deficiencies in resource utilization and protection

some industry insiders pointed out that the most distinctive feature of China's land resources is "one more and three less", that is, the total amount is more, the per capita cultivated land is less, the high-quality cultivated land is less, and the exploitable reserve resources are less. According to the national land survey in recent years, the basic national conditions of "one more and three less" in China have not changed, and the situation of cultivated land protection is still very serious. With the growth of China's population, the per capita cultivated land has shown a downward trend in the world. At the same time, due to unreasonable land development, soil pollution and other reasons, high-quality cultivated land is continuously reduced, and the backup resources available for reclamation are also seriously insufficient. So, what measures should China take to "cherish land resources and build a beautiful home"

soil survey, adjust measures to local conditions

at present, although China has land management law as the basis for law enforcement, due to insufficient law enforcement, some areas pay too much attention to immediate interests, resulting in the misuse and abuse of land resources. This unplanned and long-term extensive development not only consumes and wastes a lot of land resources, but also greatly reduces the quality of land resources. Therefore, it is urgent for China to carry out soil survey before using land resources, develop reasonably according to different land conditions in different regions, and truly adjust measures to local conditions

soil survey is the investigation, survey and determination of soil properties and conditions, mainly including soil survey and mapping, determination of soil physical properties, analysis of soil chemical properties, determination of soil water constants and dynamic observation of soil water and salt. In soil survey, a variety of soil testing instruments can be used to strive to know the land situation like the palm of your hand. For example, use a soil sampler to collect soil samples quickly and accurately. Use soil compactness tester, soil acidity meter, property tester and other instruments and equipment to measure other soil conditions. At the same time, China also needs to strengthen law enforcement and severely punish the malicious waste and destruction of land resources. In recent years, with the development of industry and agriculture, some areas of China have adopted an extensive development model, resulting in the invasion of local land by pollutants, the deterioration of the original physical and chemical properties of the soil, the decline of land production potential, the deterioration of product quality, and the harm to human beings, animals and plants. Industrial pollution mainly refers to the pollution of the atmosphere, water and soil caused by industrial waste residue, wastewater and waste gas, while agricultural pollution refers to the direct entry of agricultural plastic films, pesticides, fertilizers and other substances into the land, resulting in the decline of soil fertility. In addition, domestic pollution, transportation pollution and other pollution sources are also threatening China's few high-quality land

in order to strengthen the control of land pollution, we must first improve the land management assessment system and methods, optimize the land use system, and artificially curb the sources of pollution. Secondly, we should pay attention to the development of land pollution control technology, especially to vigorously develop and promote low-cost, simple and practical technology. The instrumentation industry needs to play a fundamental role in actively developing soil detection and treatment equipment to provide data support and technical support for China's land pollution control with annual sales of nearly SEK 84 billion in 2013

at present, the problem of land resources in China is quite serious. It is necessary to adhere to the strictest cultivated land protection system and the strictest land conservation system in accordance with the new requirements of ecological civilization construction and natural resources work in the new era, guide the public to firmly establish the concept of cherishing and rationally using land, and effectively improve the awareness of the whole people to pay common attention to land resources, strictly protect cultivated land, save and intensively use land, and build ecological civilization. Whether on "national land day" or at ordinary times, people should "cherish the balanced land resources we must reach", strive to "build a beautiful home" and make the natural ecological beauty permanent in China


the biggest characteristics of China's land resources are that the total amount is large, the per capita is small, the regional distribution is uneven, and the exploitable reserve resources are small. How to reasonably use and protect the existing land resources, effectively improve the awareness of the whole people to pay attention to land resources, strictly protect cultivated land and build ecological civilization is the top priority of land protection in the future

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