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Notes on carton printing composite transfer paper process

Introduction to composite transfer paper process. The steps of paper compounding and transfer are: first bond the transfer film with the base paper with adhesive, and then separate the base film of the transfer film from the paper, so that only the adhesive layer, aluminum plating layer and coating layer exist on the surface of the paper

the paper is breathable, so the pendulum impact sample generally adopts the wet composite method, first sizing the transfer film, then pressing it with the base paper, and finally drying

line composite transfer intaglio ink "> benzene free ink should be selected for printing. Its evaporation and drying speed is medium, the particle size of the pigment is 3 ~ 5 m, the color concentration and color saturation are high, the high temperature resistance is good, and the adhesion is strong. The surface of the printing ink layer is easy to be hot stamped, and the printing surface is not easy to be scratched. The diluent is acetic acid. Due to the new technology, plastic can be transformed into fuel and other useful products ethyl ester, more than 98.5% absolute ethanol or isopropanol. Generally speaking, butyl ether can be used as the slow drying agent, which is toxic Less sexual

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