Precautions for daily repair and maintenance of th

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Precautions for daily repair and maintenance of laser engraving machine

how to grease the slider of X guide rail

① turn off the power of the laser machine and remove the lens on the slider with an Allen wrench (protect the lens). After the lens is removed, the four hexagonal corners are exposed, which are removed respectively. At this time, the slider is separated from the belt, and the fixing nail on the linear guide rail is folded back (be careful not to bump the guide rail) (do not remove the slider). At this time, grasp the guide rail and place it in the opposite direction to expose the connecting part between the slider and the guide rail. If the slider is short of oil, you will see that the ball is shiny at this time. When oiling, squeeze out a little lubricating oil from the needle tube, and add oil to the gap with a wooden toothpick, When oiling in turn, bring the rolling slider, let the lubricating oil make each ball stick to

as much as possible. ② after oiling, let the slider pay attention to selecting some refractory materials and flame-retardant materials to roll back and forth on the guide rail. At this time, the guide rail must be installed first. Pay attention to not fixing the guide rail first, but to install all the fixing nails, keep them horizontal, fix the belt and the slider when fixing, then install the lens, and adjust the direction of X

II frequently cleaned parts:

① reflector: a total of 3 pieces. 2 pieces are open, and a sealed and open lens is used for a period of time (according to the use condition) (generally about 1 month, wipe with medical alcohol stained with lens paper or cotton)

② cooling fan: the machine works for about 3-4 months, and open the rear cover. At this time, the laser tube and fan have fallen a lot of dust and need to be wiped, Clean it and then install it.

when oiling the three bearings.

① wipe off the floating soil on the bearings with cotton fiber, suck the oil into the needle tube with a needle, slowly inject the bearing with a needle, and slowly rotate the bearing when oiling.

adjustment of the four lifting platform.

because the X guide rail is horizontal, it is OK to measure the platform with a steel ruler. The method is to turn off the machine, Use a steel ruler to measure the vertical distance at the four corners of the platform. The nails on the platform are used for fixing. In the medium term, it is the statistics and analysis of the data. The nails below are used for adjustment.

five engravings have ghosting in the font.

① feel the tightness of the belt by hand next to the machine, see the wear of the x-axis gear, and listen to whether the x-axis linear guide rail makes a harsh sound when moving.

② you can remove the belt first, Remove the gears separately, clean them up, apply lubricating oil to the sliding block, and then install the machine. Properly adjust the engraving text to see whether the same phenomenon still occurs. If so, open the file of sslaser and adjust the parameters

there are obvious intensity differences between the front, back, left and right when carving the six large format

① first, look at whether the plane special plan points out that the key development areas and the lens are at the same level. Then look at whether the light path of the tension test is right. If there is a problem, solve it in time. If not, look at the stability of the local voltage, and see how much the room temperature is. Generally, low room temperature will be good for the cooling of the laser tube. If you can't contact the manufacturer clearly. (end)

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