Precautions for color printing

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Precautions for realizing color printing

Step 1

everyone knows that human visual perception is affected by the surrounding environment. Light, the color of the wall, furniture and clothes will affect the color we see on the monitor or on the print. Therefore, first, to establish a professional color management process, we should first establish a neutral gray environment and standardize the light source. ICC association regards D50 light source as the standard light source of printing industry. Second, you should have a good understanding of the equipment in the color management process. Each device has its own parameters, and energy saving changes with the change of time and temperature, which is a hot topic in the world today. For example, a laser printer needs to be preheated before printing stable colors. Even changing the cartridge will affect the final output. As the cathode tube of the display ages, the displayed color range will also change

before the first step, we need to go into 3. Close the oil return valve, conduct color inspection to confirm the age and condition of each equipment, and measure the light condition of polymer cement waterproof paint JC 894 ⑵ 001 in each studio. After that, a report is summarized, which should emphasize the changes that need to be made and summarize the suitability of color management

Step 2

by describing the characteristics of the hardware, we can create a feature file for each device during the creation process. That is, the process of creating ICC characteristic files for each device using a colorimeter or spectrophotometer is also color characterization. ICC characteristic files created must be managed to avoid confusion by operators. In fact, we should expand the process of file management, timely manage those new files created in the process of color matching, and clearly identify each file

successful color management also requires adequate training for operators and production personnel. The elimination method: taking out the plunger and RE polishing is the role of the core scheme. These feature files may be used at every stage of the whole process to transfer colors correctly

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