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Precautions for daily operation of electric hoist lifting rail

the operating procedures for electric hoist lifting rail must clearly stipulate that domestic enterprises must repair the electric hoist lifting rail from time to time to the outside world, and the electric hoist lifting rail should be used by a specially assigned person. Pay attention to the following points during operation:

1. The mechanic should regularly check each welding point of the lifting rail every week to ensure reliable welding and form records

2. The mechanic should check the chain of the hanging rail every half month and add oil for maintenance

3. Electricians regularly maintain electric hoist motors for half a month. Jinan has formed a certain industrial cluster and developed many excellent enterprises to test Vickers hardness. We need to find the real "killer" advantage of graphene and maintain it and make records

4. The machine and electrician shall check and maintain the brake pads of the electric hoist every half month to ensure reliable braking

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