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Precautions for daily maintenance of the lifting appliance for vertical hoisting reels

(1) during the use of the lifting appliance, if the rotation of the lock is inflexible or not in place, check and adjust the adjusting nut, and then check the following parts:

① whether the tension spring of the pawl is damaged, if damaged, it should be replaced

② check whether the transmission mechanism is stuck. If it is stuck and belongs to poor lubrication, fill lubricating oil (or grease) at the movable connection of the transmission mechanism. If the guide pin is too tight, loosen the nut appropriately. If the connection is loose, the transmission pipe or other rods are deformed, it should be corrected, or multiple sets of equipment can be purchased at the same time to produce positive

③ whether the tension of the buffer spring is too small. If it is too small, the length of the steel wire rope connected to the buffer spring should be shortened

(2) during use, the paint of the indication mark on the indicator board of the spreader should be prevented from falling off. Once found, it is necessary to timely supplement the coating of the original instruction mark

(3) for the steel wire Jinan assaying system on the sling, the distance between the discharge ball gaps is adjusted by stepping Electromechanical. The ball gap adjustment unit of Cologne mass flowmeter is mainly composed of PLC, stepping electromechanical driver, stepping Electromechanical, adjustable ball gap and so on The specific working principle is: the adjustable ball gap is fixed on the ball screw, and the ball screw and the stepper are fixed on the same axis The main part of the rope machine is composed of 4 columns, upper beam, middle beam and workbench. It should be cleaned and coated with lubricating oil or grease in time, especially at the bending of the steel wire rope

(4) under the normal use and cleaning condition, the main stressed members, lifting rings, spinlocks, ear plates and rigging shackles should be inspected at least once every 3 months, and there should be no cracks and serious deformation

(5) all oil cups, including the oil cup of ratchet mechanism, the oil cup on sliding bearing seat and the oil cup of spin lock box, should be filled with lubricating oil at the main movable joints according to the use situation

(6) regularly check whether the rope clamp is loose and whether the buffer spring is excessively stretched, and deal with problems in time if found

(7) each sling shall not exceed the rated lifting capacity, and the buffer spring shall not be overstretched

(8) during the lifting process, it should be lifted smoothly to avoid deformation due to the collision between the lifting appliance and the crane or other equipment

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