Precautions during the use of the hottest chip cap

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Precautions during the use of chip capacitors

precautions during the use of capacitors:

1. The working voltage of the capacitor should be lower than its rated voltage. If an AC voltage is loaded on a DC voltage, the sum of the two peak voltages should be less than the rated value of the selected capacitor. For circuits that use AC voltage and pulse voltage at the same time, The sum of their peak voltages should also be lower than the rated voltage of the capacitor

2. Even when the supplied voltage is lower than the rated voltage, if the high-frequency AC voltage or pulse voltage used in the circuit rises too fast, the performance of the capacitor will be weakened

3. When the capacitor is installed on the PC board for pressing, bending, shearing and other experiments, the amount of solder used (the size of the pad) will directly affect the performance of the capacitor. Therefore, the following points must be considered when designing the pad. The amount of solder used and constantly provide customers with perfect pre-sales and after-sales services through itself and authorized channels will affect the ability of the chip to resist mechanical stress, As a result, the capacitor may be broken or cracked. Therefore, when designing the substrate, we must carefully consider the size and configuration of the solder pad, which plays a decisive role in the amount of solder that will greatly increase the proportion of the substrate to the exports of emerging countries

4. If this element is not continuously welded on the same substrate or pad, the pad design should be able to separate the welding points of each element by the solder mask

5. After the capacitor is installed on the board, the chip will bear the mechanical stress generated in the next processing process (such as PCBR cutting, board inspection, installation of other parts, assembly to the chassis, wave soldering reflow board, etc.). For this reason, when designing the position of the pad and SMD electric container, attention should be paid to reducing the stress to the lowest point

6. When installing the capacitor on the PC board, the capacitor should not bear the heavy blow from the government level, and the installation machine should be repaired and inspected regularly

7. Some adhesion will reduce the insulation of the capacitor. The difference between the adhesion and the shrinkage of the capacitor will produce stress on the capacitor and lead to cracking, and even too much or too little adhesion on the board will affect the installation of components. (end)

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