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Precautions for assembly and test of multi-way directional valve

1 All parts should be carefully cleaned, blown dry or wiped dry with deer skin

2. Test after assembly:

(1) sealing performance test: use pressure of 0 4MPa compressed air is connected to the outlet of the multi-channel directional valve, and the other holes of the directional valve are blocked with plugs. Then immerse the multi-way directional valve in the oil for mm, open the air valve, and place the directional valve rod at two limit positions. The multi-channel reversing valve meter fabric tank is also equipped with a special vacuum degassing system, and air leakage is not allowed. If air leakage is found, mark the place of air leakage, and then repair it

(2) function test: connect the multi-way directional valve to the pressure oil of nominal pressure and flow, and check the control lever without leakage. It should be able to connect any limit position and automatically return to the neutral position

during the function test, the operating levers of all units should be turned to two limit positions and turned on four times each. At the fifth connection, stop at the limit position for 3min. As long as they are used in strict accordance with the instructions, the host machine used is the same, and the joystick should automatically return to the central 830 (1) vertical position

(3) correct performance check: check whether the reversing valve can move at the minimum speed regulation position and whether the load cylinder can move at the minimum speed under all loads

(4) external sealing performance inspection: change the outlet pressure to 2 MPa, change the inlet pressure to 20MPa, turn on the limit position for 15 times within s of each unit valve rod, and no external oil leakage is allowed

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