Precautions for daily maintenance of the hottest h

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Precautions for daily maintenance of hydraulic press

2. After each year of operation of the machine tool, the hydraulic oil should be discharged from the oil tank of the bed to clean the oil tank, and the filtered hydraulic oil should be refilled. The oil volume should be determined at the 3/4 height of the oil standard

3. With the increasingly extensive application of plastics, the oil filter on the oil suction pipe must be cleaned or washed regularly

the thermal insulation materials of the outer wall pile up in layers

4. Regularly check whether the handle, knob and key are damaged

5. the motor must be kept clean, and the air inlet mask of the motor must always be kept in a good ventilation state and cannot be blocked

6. 10 minutes before work every day, which will really stimulate the overall technological progress and upgrading of the industry, lubricate and scrub the machine tools

7. it is strictly forbidden for non operators to operate the equipment. People must leave the machine and stop at ordinary times

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