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In 2016, Simi cabinet launched a new laser edge sealing door panel - "3D laser panel", which was launched in 315 nationwide, creating the best use experience for consumers and providing consumers with high-quality home life

schmidt Simi cabinet is a leading cabinet brand in France. It originated in 1934 and belongs to Salm group, a well-known overall kitchen planner and cabinet exporter in France. Its outlets cover 26 countries around the world, with an annual turnover of 400million euros. In 2014, it was introduced into China by Sophia, a giant in the customized home furnishing industry

in 2015, Simi cabinet invested 400million yuan to build the world's fifth largest industrial park, and introduced the most advanced laser edge banding technology from the original factory in France. As the first customized cabinet enterprise in the industry to use laser edge banding technology on a large scale

in 2016, Simi cabinet launched a new laser edge sealing door - "3D laser door", which was launched in 315 nationwide, creating the best use experience for consumers and providing consumers with high-quality home life

"3D laser board" adopts Ruihao raukantex laser automatic edge banding technology and ABS edge banding belt, and uses laser edge banding layer to replace hot-melt adhesive for edge banding, so that the edge banding belt and the plate can be permanently and seamlessly combined, realizing the five core advantages of the product, without pollution, mildew, formaldehyde leakage, edge rising and swelling. Laser edge banding refers to a kind of edge banding process that uses laser hot-melt technology to bond the edge banding belt with the plate. This technology can permanently combine the edge banding belt with the plate without adhesive and leaving no suture. The revolutionary laser bonding process has set a new quality standard for the furniture industry

dirt is seamless and easy to clean

the appearance of the whole door panel is perfect, and the side panel is integrated. Under a 50x magnifying glass, extremely fine graphite is used for wiping test. Only a small amount of graphite stays on the surface and cannot enter the gap of the side plate. Similarly, oil stains and dirt are seamless and can be cleaned immediately after wiping

super environmentally friendly materials for your and your children's health

German Ruihao edge banding adopts European technology and formula, with zero addition of plasticizers and heavy metals, and antibacterial factors are added in the edge banding belt, which can destroy common bacterial cells, inhibit bacterial breeding, and protect kitchen food safety

perfect seamless bonding, formaldehyde can not be released

the release cycle of formaldehyde is 8-15 years. Laser edge banding perfectly wraps the plate, permanently seamless, effectively preventing the release of Trace Formaldehyde in the plate and increasing the protection of the health of the family

never rising is the key to durability

the laser edge banding technology is used for permanent mutual fusion bonding, which can withstand 150 ° high temperature at most, and its service life is more than twice that of conventional edge banding. There is no need to worry about the edge falling caused by the aging and embrittlement of the edge banding glue for a long time, and it is completely suitable for the high temperature and humidity environment in the kitchen

only when there is no hole for water vapor to enter, can it be truly moisture-proof

the edge banding and facing 360 ° perfectly wrap the plate, and provide super sealing protection for the plate, so that water vapor can enter without holes, which greatly improves the moisture resistance of the plate, prevents the door plate from water absorption, swelling and deformation, and increases the service life of the kitchen cabinet





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