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Electronic doorbell is the most basic and simplest application of music integrated circuit in modern life. It has clear sound quality, convenient installation and adjustment, high sensitivity, stable performance, low energy consumption and low cost, and is very popular with the public

with the continuous acceleration of urbanization, electronic doorbells have become more common in modern life. Although electronic doorbells are very common, people don't know much about them. Let's learn about them together

reasons and precautions for electronic doorbell not ringing

first, when installing electronic doorbell, you should make reasonable arrangements for the installation location. Generally, friends are not recommended to install electronic doorbell around electrical appliances with electromagnetic waves, which will affect the acceptance of electronic doorbell signal. And the doorbell should not be installed on the iron door as far as possible, which will affect the effect of receiving signals. Keeping away from magnetic substances is also the main method to protect the performance of electronic doorbell

second, friends can find that the bottom of the electronic doorbell is a gasket in contact with the battery. If there is a problem with the gasket, the electronic doorbell will not ring. You must ensure that the gasket is always working. The electronic doorbell button often fails. The simplest adjustment method is to wipe the chip contact point with alcohol

third, when using the electronic doorbell, it will also be very prone to the problem of ringing, mainly because there is a certain problem with the code in the electronic doorbell. The electronic doorbell should be taken out quickly when it is not in use, so as to avoid problems in the circuit system of the electronic doorbell. When solving the problem, we can only find professionals to repair it to achieve good results. Otherwise, we will only have more and more problems with the electronic doorbell

principle of electronic doorbell

how to choose an electronic doorbell

1 According to the performance selection, the buzzer type pronunciation tone is cheap, the musical sound is pleasant, and the music sings longer; The electromagnetic ringing is clear and pleasant, but it consumes a lot of power Ding Dong doorbell (electromagnetic type and integrated circuit type) is superior to those with Ding Dong aftersound; Interested users can also choose multi-function or music Ding Dong dual tone doorbell

2. According to the current selection, the power supply of the doorbell can be AC or battery. Battery type consumes a lot of power. AC power is generally divided into high-voltage and low-voltage. Pay attention to safety when using high-voltage (220V) type

3. Quality selection, in addition to requiring clear and bright pronunciation, mainly choose the one with moderate sensitivity to avoid false triggering during use. Two pieces of metal shall be used for electromagnetic ringing with long aftersound

summary: the above is what Xiaobian introduced to you about the purchase skills of electronic doorbell, the reasons why the electronic doorbell doesn't ring and the precautions. I hope it can effectively help you. Please pay attention to more information





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