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There are many kinds of lamps and curtains with different styles in the market, and consumers often don't know how to choose. Xiaobian invited experts for consumers to guide the selection of lamps and curtains

there are many kinds of lamps and curtains in the market, and their styles are different. Consumers often don't know how to choose. Xiaobian invited experts for consumers to guide the selection of lamps and curtains

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first of all, before purchasing, you'd better first understand the types, characteristics, uses and popular trends of lamps and curtains suitable for family use, and then make a purchase plan according to the structure and personality taste of your room, so that you can quickly and accurately find the most suitable products for you

choosing lamps and curtains should not only be practical, but also pursue the perfect unity of vision. For example, the lighting and fabric art of the living room should be highly decorative and appreciative. In terms of choice, the magnificent marble lamp or the glittering crystal lamp, together with the European cotton curtain, and the yarn curtain with patchwork or hook flowers on the inner layer, show the extraordinary temperament of elegance and vulgarity, and the integration of classical and modern; In addition, you can also choose iron lamps with changeable shapes, colorful and economical, and match them with fresh and elegant window decorations to express your pursuit of fashion style and strong modern flavor. The light in the bedroom should be as soft as possible when it is not dim. The curtains should adopt heavy fabrics such as velvet with good shading and sound insulation effects, and create a warm, romantic and slightly mysterious atmosphere in the bedroom with floor lamps and warm desk lamps with unique personalized shapes

secondly, we should pay attention to scientific collocation. For example, the decoration of kitchen and bathroom should first consider moisture-proof and fog proof, and you can choose ceiling lights or downlights (to be bright and clean, easy to clean), and match them with blinds, push-pull curtains, etc. according to your preferences; In the restaurant, it is suitable to choose simple and simple straight chandeliers, or three or two rows, or four or five groups, hanging above the dining table, rich but not messy, simple and elegant. If the living room and dining room are in the same room, the functional areas can be elegantly divided by hanging bead curtains or art glass

in addition, as a new thing, LED lamps are becoming a trend of lighting development in the future because of their energy-saving, environmental protection, low heat and durability. Because of their rich light source colors and program-controlled chips, they can play a very strong practical role. The trend of curtain fabric art is still based on design and color, or simple striped and lattice curtains, or large-area overall design and color patterns, or abstract and dark contrast pattern curtains. In the hands of outstanding designers, whether South Korean silk, thousand velvet, cotton linen, cotton velvet, pure cotton, canvas or lace products, they all extremely pursue personalization and unique taste, as long as you carefully choose, I believe there is always one that can fully demonstrate your temperament and connotation

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