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On June 12, Schneider Electric held a grand ceremony in Shanghai to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Shanghai Schneider Industrial Control Co., Ltd. (s in order to make the plastic materials and their finished products safely and firmly apply SiC), and launched TeSys series motor control and protection products to adapt to the increasingly complex trend of China's automation market technology, And meet the needs of customers for simple and intelligent system

ten year celebration

ssic is a Sino French joint venture formally established in Shanghai in april1996 with a joint investment of US $27million by Schneider Electric Group and Shanghai Electric Co., Ltd. Schneider Electric holding 80% and Shanghai Electric holding 20% are the manufacturers authorized to produce and sell Telemecanique D2 series and its accessories, which occupy a leading position in the world industrial control market in China. The main te electrical appliances include GV2 motor protection switch, D2 series contact, LR2 thermal relay The xb2b/xb2e button and the measurement and control system of the local tension machine in the current market adopt the 8-bit single-chip microcomputer control indicator series and OSI sensor product series


in the past decade, SSIC has introduced Schneider Electric's globally advanced design concept, unique manufacturing process and first-class production quality into China. It is committed to meeting the needs of customers in machine tool, machinery, electricity, shipbuilding, metallurgy and chemical industries, and has made great contributions to the field of electrical control in China. So far, SSIC has produced nearly 30million D2 series contactors, and its market share ranks first in the Chinese market in terms of sales and quantity

product show

while pursuing production quality excellence, SSIC always takes innovation as the driving force, customer demand as the guide, and actively advocates and adopts advanced technologies in the field of automation. This time, t (5) selected the sample shape in the column of "sample parameters" to launch ESYS series. On the basis of ensuring product continuity, it adopted the unique DC control low-power contactor (up to 18.5kw) in the domestic market, which will greatly promote the technical development in the field of motor control and protection in China, and greatly improve the production efficiency and safety of customers, Help them in an invincible position in the increasingly competitive electrical automation market

"in the past 10 years, the imbalance between supply and demand has changed from the past situation of supply exceeding demand to the current situation of supply shortage. We are very pleased to see that SSIC has always carried out the innovative concept of Schneider Electric - while providing customers with a variety of efficient products and solutions, we also work with them to face various opportunities and challenges in the electrical automation industry." Philippe chevroier, general manager of SSIC, said: "the launch of TeSys series will become another important milestone in the history of SSIC, and will also make greater contributions to the field of electrical automation in China."

with the development of market economy for more than ten years, users in China's automation industry are becoming more and more mature. While its automation level is gradually in line with international standards, the regional demand characteristics are becoming more and more distinct. It is expected that SSIC, based on ten years of localization experience and with the advantage of Schneider's global leading technology, will contribute more classic works such as TeSys to Chinese users

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