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On December 13, the styrene butadiene rubber market showed a steady decline, and the aftermarket weak adjustment

East China: the market continued to stabilize. The price of rosin 1502 in Zhejiang is, and the supply of oil filled gum 1712 is scarce. It is said that there is a quotation of about 14500 in the market; In the Shenhua source market, aluminum and aluminum alloy surface oxidation is an important treatment process for aluminum materials. The price of rosin 1502 is about, and that of oil filled glue 1712 is about 15000. The source of goods is still in short supply

South China: the market is stable and declining. In Guangdong, the price of a small amount of Jihua rosin is, the price of oil filled gum is around, the price of Shenhua oil filled gum 1712 is, the market circulation source is limited, and the transaction is not ideal

North China: the market is stable and tends to decline. The mainstream quotation of rosin 1502 market from Jihua in Tianjin is about 16700, but due to the influence of rumors, the traders' market for rosin 1502 is temporarily stable at about 16600; The mainstream quotations in Shenhua and Qilu 1712 markets are, and most transactions are at low prices; The price of a small amount of Qilu rosin is around 16600, and the transaction price of Lanhua rosin 1500 is around 16800. The transaction atmosphere is acceptable

Northeast China: the overall market has stabilized, and the market supply is still small. PetroChina Northeast sales branch has lowered the quotation of Jihua rosin, and the Northeast market has followed the trend slightly. For more information, the mainstream price of Jihua rosin 15 is about 16700, a small decline of about 100 compared with the previous trading day. The downstream demand is still light, and the trading atmosphere is not active

price adjustment dynamics of manufacturers: 1. PetroChina North China sales branch lowered the price of styrene butadiene rubber by 400, and the price of rosin 1500 and 1502 was lowered to 16000 (price increase of North China warehouse); The quotation of Lanhua oil filling 1712 was lowered to 14000 (the price of Huabei warehouse was increased). 2. The ex factory quotation of Jilin Petrochemical rosin 1502 of PetroChina Northeast sales branch was lowered by 200 to 16310

market trend analysis: under the circumstances of weak raw material market and petrochemical companies' overall reduction of styrene butadiene rubber price, traders' mentality has been frustrated, and market participants expect that the styrene butadiene rubber market will continue to be weak in the short term

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