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Dealers in western Guangdong: helping Yuchai Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. to tide over the difficulties

dealers in western Guangdong: helping Yuchai Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. to tide over the difficulties

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Guide: this year, the heavy truck market continues to be depressed, and most dealers look down on this year's market and are reluctant to talk about sales performance. However, during the visit of first commercial vehicle in western Guangdong, it was found that a few dealers broke out of the market and achieved contrarian growth. These dealers

this year, the heavy truck market continued to be depressed. Most dealers were bearish on this year's market and were reluctant to talk about the sales performance

however, during the visit to western Guangdong, the first commercial vehicle found that a few dealers broke out of the market and achieved contrarian growth. What kind of secret weapons do these dealers have

the market downturn bucked the trend

zhuyanyin, general manager of Guangdong Zhanjiang Taida Automobile Trade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Taida automobile trade"), mainly engaged in Dongfeng Liuqi, Nanjun and other medium and heavy truck brands. Zhuyanyin is one of the few strong women in the truck circle dominated by men

under the situation of sharp decline in the market this year, TEDA auto trade overlong heavy truck under the charge of zhuyanyin grew against the trend. At the Balong heavy truck 4S store, the main business of TEDA auto trade, I saw that, unlike many unsalable vehicles parked in the yard of some heavy truck dealers, most of the trucks parked here were pasted with a piece of paper in front of them, saying "sold"

during the interview, it was found that many staff members used the sales contract to ask zhuyanyin for signature. "The truck market is very bad this year, but by the end of August, the sales volume of our 4S store has not declined, but increased by 20%, and the market share has further improved." Said zhuyanyin

coincidentally, Maoming Hongyue Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hongyue automobile") which belongs to Guangdong Province has also achieved good market performance. Hongyue Automobile Co., Ltd. is one of the largest heavy truck dealers in Maoming, Guangdong at present, mainly engaged in Dongfeng Liuqi brand. According to Mo Huoyan, manager of Hongyue automobile Liuqi 4S store, Hongyue automobile has completed the sales of more than 200 heavy trucks by the end of August this year, which is the same as last year, and the market share has also increased. This achievement was hard won in this year when the sales volume of heavy truck market fell sharply

each has unique skills to help growth

why can TEDA auto trade Baron store and Hongyue auto achieve such "counter trend" performance in the current market downturn

zhuyanyin told that TEDA auto trade would hold an annual meeting in August every year, and all cadres above the middle level should participate. This is not only an opportunity to relax, but also a preparation for the truck market situation and planning of the next year. At last year's annual meeting, TEDA automobile trade predicted that this year's heavy engineering vehicle market would decline significantly, so it did more work on the promotion of medium-sized dump truck, medium-sized truck, heavy truck and other products, which played a great role in the adverse growth of TEDA automobile trade this year

compared with TEDA automobile trade, Hongyue automobile's success lies in seizing the market opportunity. "This year's heavy-duty truck market is relatively unstable. Maoming is a famous industrial and mining area in China, and heavy-duty dump truck is one of the main local demand models. However, due to the strict management of the mining area, Maoming's heavy-duty dump truck market has dropped by about 50% this year." Mo Huoyan explained, "the major increase this year is the truck, which to some extent makes up for the decline in the sales of engineering vehicles. With the implementation of weight based toll collection on the expressway, medium and light trucks (in the local transportation industry) have no advantage. Therefore, users have changed to heavy trucks, which brings us market opportunities."

according to his analysis, Maoming has a very developed agricultural economy. Its total agricultural output value, total grain output, total fruit output, total oil crop output and total pork output value rank first among prefecture level cities in Guangdong Province. The development of agriculture has strongly supported the local transportation market in Maoming

"marriage" Yuchai seizes the market

it is learned that zhuyanyin and Mo Huoyan have a common "secret weapon", which is the support of Yuchai heavy machinery

"Yuchai engines are highly recognized in Maoming. Some users call for heavy trucks equipped with Yuchai engines. They feel that Yuchai heavy trucks have strong explosive power, sufficient horsepower, cheap accessories, easy to buy, and low maintenance costs." Mo Huoyan said that before, Yuchai 6105 engine could operate for 70000 to 800000 kilometers without maintenance. Such reliability and power have been widely recognized by Maoming truck users, and also made Yuchai engine form a very good reputation in Maoming. "From urban to rural areas, men, women, old and young all know Yuchai and have a good impression of Yuchai engine."

Suixi County in Zhanjiang has become the "nest" (concentration area) of Yuchai heavy machinery users. According to zhuyanyin, every household here has at least one heavy truck carrying Yuchai heavy machinery. There is also a local saying that a truck with Yuchai heavy machinery is equivalent to a "treasure" for making money; The truck without Yuchai heavy machinery is a "cargo" that loses money

zhuyanyin gives an example: a master Chen has just bought a front four and rear eight truck equipped with yc6l engine. The truck has not passed the running in period, and the fuel cost per kilometer is 2.15 yuan when it is fully loaded. According to this data, Bayer materials technology has 30 production bases in the world and about 14300 employees. According to the calculation, the fuel cost per kilometer is 2.15 yuan, that is, 215 yuan per hundred kilometers. Based on the current diesel price of 7.62 yuan in Zhanjiang, the fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is only 28.21 liters. Zhuyanyin told me that if the running in period passed, the car would be more fuel-efficient

"not only that, a customer bought a dump truck equipped with a Yuchai 350 HP heavy machine, which has safely operated for 500000 km, still does not need overhaul, and has obvious fuel saving effect. In addition, the maintenance cost of Yuchai heavy machine is low, and a 8 × 4. The cost of a 'medium repair' for a dump truck shall not exceed 7000 yuan. "

no matter the lower fuel consumption or maintenance cost, "the money saved is the real clamping force, which will reduce the profit". Because of its good cost performance, Yuchai is widely used in Zhanjiang and Maoming × 4. The supporting share of trucks has reached more than 70%

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