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On December 18, the 201 impact test was divided into three types: 1. Single pulse test method was required. 9. China Overseas Talent Exchange Conference and the 21st Guangzhou Science and Technology Exchange Conference for Chinese overseas students were grandly held in Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center

with the theme of intelligence gathering, innovation and win-win results, this conference specially invites outstanding talents from home and abroad from all over the world to gather in Guangzhou to jointly promote talent intelligence exchange and cooperation

Gree robot attracts countless eyes

the five-star red flag is flying in the wind. How loud the victory song is "At the site of the Gree booth, Gree robot is playing on the spot. Melodious music lingers in my ears. With the little yellow man who has a sense of science and technology and is convenient to operate, Gree robot plays a moving song together, which attracts many visitors to stop and enjoy.

the Gree robot band is composed of gr606 industrial robots and a variety of musical instruments. At present, it has been able to play dozens of music with different styles, and creatively uses the self-developed bionic spirit Skillful manipulator and robot fixture make the robot operate musical instruments more flexibly and perform songs perfectly

Gree robot band, as a star product of intelligent equipment, has always attracted much attention. It was also honored in the 2019 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, played with the famous pianist Lang Lang, performed "friends" on site, and gained a large number of die hard fans

the industrial strength of Gree robot band should not be underestimated. Gree industrial robot has the advantages of compact structure, large workspace, high joint speed, fast dynamic response, high repeated positioning accuracy and track tracking accuracy, and strong wrist holding ability. At the same time, it adopts the bus structure, which is convenient for expansion and application. It can be widely used in welding, stacking, handling, gluing, packaging and other fields

the high-performance servo motor and driver independently developed by Gree for industrial robots have been identified by experts, of which servo motor 1 The equipment can set the fixture holding length. The power density, overload capacity and other performance indicators of the machine have reached the advanced level

the combination of schools and enterprises is based on high-end manufacturing

century old enterprises. Talent management is the foundation. To speed up the construction of a manufacturing power, the key is to take the road of cultivating talents

in fact, in order to respond to the national intelligent manufacturing development strategy and cultivate more high-tech and highly skilled talents, Gree intelligent equipment has cooperated with a number of colleges and universities to successfully build an intelligent manufacturing practice and training base, and has strongly entered the field of intelligent manufacturing education

at present, the company is committed to building a joint training and Exhibition base for intelligent manufacturing schools and enterprises, carrying out practical training for school students and fixing the technical support of enterprise on-the-job personnel on the active frame to improve training, and building a new school enterprise cooperation mode to meet the needs of enterprises for intelligent manufacturing skilled talents

not only that, the company has strengthened cooperation and exchange between schools and enterprises and cultivated more intelligent manufacturing technology talents through professional skills training, post practice, building training bases, undertaking various competitions, etc

focus on training manufacturing talents

in terms of enterprise talent training, Gree intelligent equipment has always attached great importance to the training and training of intelligent manufacturing talents

the company cooperates with schools and enterprises to build a teaching and training base by using a variety of industrial robots, numerical control machine tools and intelligent manufacturing platforms. Through advanced control and information management systems, the company integrates a series of hardware equipment such as various numerical control processing equipment, industrial robots, intelligent three-dimensional storage systems and detection systems, so as to achieve intelligent communication and collaborative work among people, processing parts and machines, and achieve man-machine integration, Intelligent manufacturing

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