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Shanghai Institute of Metrology participated in the launch of three 2017 nqi projects

the key special project of the national key R & D plan "research and application of common technologies in the national quality foundation" (hereinafter referred to as nqi special project) was recently approved and launched. The projects of "Research on new electromagnetic sensing and high voltage loss measurement technology", "space navigation and positioning nqi technology integration and application demonstration" and "Research on Key Technologies of measurement traceability of communication and measurement equipment in complex environment" participated by Shanghai Institute of metrology were officially launched

"Research on new electromagnetic sensing and high voltage loss measurement technology" project mainly carries out research on low power factor high voltage loss measurement technology, development of power frequency capacitance loss reference measurement device, research on electronic transformer calibration technology, and Research on new constant weak magnetic sensing technology and reference device based on CS he indirect pump. Among them, Shanghai Institute of Metrology alone undertakes the third topic, "Research on Calibration Technology of electronic transformers", which will solve the problem of quantity value traceability of electronic transformers using digital output and analog small signal output in intelligent substations and intelligent electricity construction, establish a traceability chain between high-voltage digital proportion and analog proportion, and solve the current international limitation that electronic transformers can only be calibrated under the conditions of laboratory frequency stabilization and fundamental wave, Meet the calibration requirements under on-site frequency conversion and harmonic conditions

"nqi technology integration and application demonstration of space navigation and positioning" project is the only application demonstration project of nqi special project in 2017. Focusing on the important strategic needs of the country, it covers the integrated research on the whole chain quality basic technology of measurement, standards and conformity assessment related to satellite navigation and positioning, provides all-round support for the industry, and is an important exploration for the application demonstration of the whole industry of satellite navigation and positioning. The project plans to carry out satellite navigation remote time and frequency transmission and traceability application demonstration, optical fiber transmission service Beidou system, aerospace value traceability application demonstration, time and frequency comparison service second definition reproduction and coordination application demonstration, Beidou (GNSS) simulator and receiver calibration traceability application demonstration, satellite navigation positioning benchmark service technical standard application demonstration, and Beidou (GNSS) product inspection and certification research. In this project, Shanghai Institute of Metrology participated in the research on the topic of "satellite navigation remote time and frequency transmission and traceability application demonstration". It will design and implement the construction, experimental testing and verification, performance evaluation of Shanghai remote time traceability demonstration station, and carry out the research on the specific traceability needs and application methods of time standards in the industry. The growth of time application and traceability local economy is definitely negative source services

"Research on key technology of measurement traceability of communication and measurement equipment in complex environment" project mainly carries out research on key measurement technology of wireless channel parameters, time-frequency domain parameters, electromagnetic field parameters and hazardous chemicals, radiation and nuclear emergency detection equipment in complex communication environment. Shanghai Institute of Metrology participated in the project of "Research on time-frequency domain parameter measurement technology of complex communication signals". Based on the existing radio detection technologies such as laboratory RF communication and digital modulation, it will study the algorithm and technology based on the full waveform vector of the signal, extract the EVM parameters of complex modulated signals by obtaining the waveform vector of the complete cycle of the RF signal, and solve the problem that the existing hardware i/q technology cannot be traced to the national basic standard, Thus, the EVM parameters of complex modulated signals can be traced

Nqi is the cornerstone of improving national quality development, which will be beneficial to further integrate the industrial chain exhibition, and it is the embodiment of comprehensive national strength and international competitiveness. Under the new normal, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council proposed to shift the foothold of promoting development to improving quality and efficiency. The promotion of nqi project will certainly promote the improvement of China's quality level, promote economic transformation and upgrading, and make China a quality power as soon as possible

the launch and implementation of these projects will enable China to make substantial contributions to the major reform of the international system of units of measurement, support China's internationally recognized measurement ability to enter the top three in the world, enhance the international competitiveness and leadership of the technology of the self-supporting controller for measurement (simpler operation and safer application), improve the technical level of serving the development of national strategic emerging industries and support the basic technical capacity of the strategy of strengthening the country with quality, It is estimated that by 2020, the overall level of China's measurement technology will rank among the top in the world, and some areas will lead, boosting China's progress towards quality power and low precision

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