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On December 29 (zoujianming correspondent Wan Xiao, Zhang Yingchun), the China Electricity Council organized the 2019 scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting of Shandong Electric Group in Jinan on December 28. Three scientific and technological achievements, including the all fiber sensing intelligent power transformer independently developed by Shandong Electric Group, have reached the international leading level

at the meeting, 70 experts from State Grid Corporation of China, China Southern Power Corporation, China Electric Power Research Institute, Tsinghua University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shandong University and other units agreed that after listening to the project report, reviewing the identification data, and the on-site defense, ssz/110 all fiber sensing intelligent power transformer, intelligent distribution transformer terminal based on edge computing technology Low voltage distribution IOT terminal sensing and communication device technology has reached the international leading level

[: Yang Fan, Wang Yang]

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Lu, December 30 - on December 26, Qingdao Road Transport Bureau released the second information publicity on the environmental impact assessment of Weifang Qingdao highway and connecting line project, marking the construction of the middle line of Jinan Qingdao Expressway


due to the closed construction of the West Outer Ring Road and Jining Avenue (S251 to West Outer Ring Road), vehicles are unable to pass. With the consent of the competent department, bus No. 5 and 52 will be temporarily adjusted from December 31, 2019. Five way from

Shandong, China

2019 Shandong change - industrial upgrading, the key lies in the "upgrading" of cadre skills

Shandong, China

Shandong, China - perception Shandong, December 30. On the 30th, the upgrading and renovation project of Century Avenue in the eastern urban area of Jinan was completed and opened to traffic, and the reconstruction task was completed five months in advance. Century Avenue is located in the east of the main urban area of Jinan

in the future, we can also generate a complex architecture on this basis. 0

the 13 year old Liu Changshan road in Jinan has finally been completed. On the morning of December 30, the two-way six lane Baimashan tunnel of the last section of liuchangshan road in the west of Jinan was opened to traffic. Liu Changshan, contracted by China Railway 10th Bureau

Shandong business daily

this is Shandong Jinan undergraduate graduates who take the bus and subway free of charge [the intensity of taking the bus and subway free of charge is rare in the country] from 2019, they have been employed in Jinan administrative region with full-time bachelor's degree or above, graduating from fresh colleges and Universities

Lu 2019- and the oil return valve must be tightened

12. Do you know why the beam of the electronic universal testing machine is often stuck? Now follow the footsteps of technicians. Let's get to know each other! I hope I can help you. On September 30, I learned from the release ceremony of Jinan public security "e-police" micro police convenience service platform that Jinan public security further strengthened the convenience measures such as the 24-hour smart police station launched in the early stage


Yantai time, December 28. On December 30, Yantai Municipal Government Office held a special press conference on "2019, a year of high-quality development" for investment attraction and park construction. Municipal Local Financial Supervision


"Yantai Yeda International Biomedical Innovation Incubation Center is funded by Yantai Development Zone. 6. During the test, it is necessary to ensure that the vertical test management committee and Rongchang pharmaceutical will jointly build a biomedical incubation carrier of more than 50000 square meters. It will launch world-class innovative achievements and products. 2...


Jiaodong December 30 news. At the third national engine assembly and adjustment competition, Liu zhaotao, Fang Shaojun and Wang Xinshun, employees of SAIC GM Dongyue base, rely on solid Skills and excellent play, won the competition


on December 24, Fenghuangtai Botanical Park, which is about to officially open, was shrouded in a layer of mist, like a light ink landscape painting, bright and clear lake surface, reflected into a painted shore scenery, and various landscape buildings


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