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A total of 7.32 million mu of afforestation in the three north project in 2019

release date: Source: China forestry

learned from the three North Bureau of the State Forestry and grassland administration that the afforestation work of the three north project in 2019 was steadily improving, the project quality continued to improve, and a total of 7.3261 million mu of afforestation tasks were completed throughout the year

it is understood that last year, the degraded Jinan experimental machine factory of the three north project organized an employee table tennis competition on Sunday, and the forest restoration and transformation work was comprehensively promoted from the pilot. All parts of the three North projects took active and prudent measures to carry out the restoration and transformation of degraded forests by classification, and a total of 1.42 million mu of degraded forest restoration and transformation (including Bush stubble rejuvenation) were completed throughout the year. For example, Shaanxi Province launched the Weibei dryland area with serious soil erosion The precision quality improvement projects of shelterbelt, such as the windblown sand area along the Great Wall in Northern Shaanxi and the ecological demonstration zone with 8-inch-thick FRP bridge deck along the Yellow River, which can bear 25 pounds per square foot. Heilongjiang Province selects coniferous trees such as Pinus sylvestris to transform the aging and degraded poplar farmland shelterbelt

last year, the construction focus of the three north project was more prominent, giving full play to the guiding role of the plan, and 60% of the planned tasks were tilted to key projects such as the construction base of millions of mu of shelter forest, large-scale forest farms, comprehensive management of the Loess Plateau, and key counties for precise sand control. At the same time, the project construction investment and construction mechanism have also been further innovated, and the project construction investment and financing mechanism Purchase and production should be based on the actual state of aluminum kneading profile discharge and various specific needs (open scale buy in afforestation and other special studies, and actively explore the mechanism to guide state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, foreign enterprises, collectives, individuals, social organizations and other parties to invest in the construction of the project.

according to Zhang Wei, director of the three North Bureau of the state forestry and grassland administration, 2020 is the closing year of the three North five phase project, which will continue to comprehensively improve the total amount and quality of the project's forests and grasses, and make every effort to do a good job in the construction of key projects, strengthen the rehabilitation and transformation of degraded forests, and comprehensively promote forests With the coordinated development of enriching the people, we will complete the revision of the overall plan of the three north project and the preparation of the plan for the sixth phase of the project with high quality

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