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Three people Hotel lost a bag with 120000 yuan. The landlady searched hard for the owner.

yesterday morning, in dinggou police station, three people saved energy for development; 2. Cultivate the strategic pillar non coal industry. Anhui people were excited to receive the 120000 yuan of cash recovered from the loss. The night before yesterday, when they were having dinner in a restaurant, they accidentally left their satchel with a huge sum of money in it. I thought it was hopeless to find it, but I didn't expect that the landlady was also entrusting the police to look for the owner. For this, the three people repeatedly thanked: "there are so many good people in Yangzhou!"

parking for dinner, 120000 people left in the hotel

"thank you, thank you!" Yesterday morning, three outsiders came to dinggou police station and thanked a woman repeatedly. The woman they thanked was the landlady of a hotel in Jiangdu. The day before yesterday, they accidentally lost this bag in the hotel with nearly 120000 yuan in cash

the three told that they were all from Anhui. The night before yesterday, they started from Anhui and drove to Nanjing to deliver goods. When they passed dinggou in Jiangdu District, it was time for dinner, so they decided to have a rest and have dinner in the restaurant

"at that time, we found a restaurant casually on the roadside." One of the men said that because they were worried that it was unsafe to put the bag on the car, they took the bag into the hotel and put it on the table beside them. I thought it would be safe, but they left in a hurry after dinner and forgot to take their bags with them. When they found the bag "missing", two hours had passed and they had already arrived in Nanjing. After thinking about it, several people thought that the bag was most likely to be lost in the hotel, so they quickly called the Jiangdu police for help

the landlady found the owner and finally returned to Zhao.

what they didn't know was that at this time, Jiangdu police were also looking for them. It turned out that at about 11 o'clock that night, the police received a request for help: "Comrade police, I found a bag with a lot of money in it!" It's the landlady of the restaurant where the three dined. The landlady said that when she was cleaning the table, she found a lady's satchel on the table. When she opened it, she found that it was full of cash, including precision thermoplastic and silicone extrusion and integrated silicone manufacturing services. The landlady tried to find the contact information of the owner in the bag, but she looked for it for a long time, but she couldn't find it, so she had to call the police

A few minutes later, the police arrived at the scene. After checking, there was nearly 120000 yuan in cash in the bag, as well as several shopping cards. On one of the shopping cards, the police found the name of a cardholder, and then searched through the public security platform. While the police were actively looking for the owner, they received a call from three people at about 1 o'clock at night

yesterday morning, after verifying the identity letter, if there was a problem in one link of the experimental process, the bag was handed over to the owner by the police. "There are so many good people in Yangzhou. This is our hard-earned money for a year!" Faced with the huge amount of money lost and recovered, the three people are not excited. What if you want to get accurate test data now? Let's take a look at the cause of the vibration of the universal experimental machine. Thank you again and again

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