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The selection of image spokesmen for the "looking for the most beautiful it young women" Park of China sound valley was officially launched

in order to promote and create the image of the well-known information service Industrial Park of sound valley

in order to shape the leading position and industry benchmark position of sound Valley in the field of information industry

Jiangsu information service industry base (Yangzhou) -- China sound valley management office, hereby launches a large-scale promotion activity to find the most beautiful it young women! All employees and enterprises in the park are welcome to participate. The activity will be divided into two parts: Park competition and micro film shooting

who is the most beautiful? I first made equipment models by hand for experiments. T young women, we will wait and see

I. the competition part

is limited to female employees in the park. Candidates for the audition will have the opportunity to participate in the filming of the micro film "looking for the most beautiful it young women", and the winner of the grand prize will have the opportunity to become the image spokesperson of the park

(I) award

comprehensive ranking first, first place, champion, ipad2

comprehensive ranking second, fourth place, winner award, prize worth 1000 yuan

(II) activity time

1 Audition

a) audition registration: August 20-august 31, 2012

b) audition results: September 3-september 5, 2012

2 Semi finals

a) semi finals execution: September 10-september 11, 2012

b) semi finals results: September 12-september 14, 2012

3 It has great configuration flexibility. The final award ceremony

a) final execution: September 28, 2012 (during the Mid Autumn Festival party in the park)

b) final announcement: September 9, 2012

(III) participation mode

1 Audition: only female employees can participate in

A) registration method:

n individual registration email registration to the designated mailbox of the event, the email title is contestants + name

n enterprise recommendation sound Valley, each enterprise recommends excellent contestants, the email is sent to the designated mailbox of the event, the email title is contestants + enterprise

enterprises with less than 50 people, 1 enterprise with

people, and 3 enterprises with

people, Recommend 5 enterprises with more than 500

and 10

audition registration start time: August 20-august 28, 2012

b) registration materials:

n name

n nickname

n height

n weight

n occupation

n unit

n only for activity contact

n email only for activity contact

n hobbies and specialities if you have video specialities, Please attach the video link address in the e-mail

n entry declaration within 100 words

n personal photos, life photos of the whole body are not less than 3, and the total number of photos is not less than 5

n promotion quota is 30

2 Semi finals (landing execution)

a) semi finals Venue: base auditorium

b) a total of 14 promotion places

3 Final award ceremony

a) venue of the final: on-site competition of the Mid Autumn Festival party in the park

II. Micro film shooting

in order to more vividly show the style of the most beautiful it young women, micro film shooting of the same name will be started synchronously. It is necessary to measure the stress changes on the sample, including about 5 mass actors, 1 heroine (fresh, humorous girl, similar to Wang Luodan's style), and 1 hero (handsome)

if you are interested, please send photos to the designated email address of the event, and the email title is micro movie actor + name

registration start time: August 20-28, 2012

click on the address to view the details: at present, the similar instruments we see are all manual clamping of samples, and pneumatic clamping is fast

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