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In 2020, voice will become the main force of mobile device interaction.

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CTI Forum () news on September 10 (compilation/Lao Qin): the research company tractica expects that the voice and voice recognition technology on mobile devices will increase significantly in the next few years

according to a report of the company, the utilization rate of local speech recognition will increase from 45% on mobile devices in 2014 to 82% in 2020. At the same time, the usage rate of speech recognition, personal voiceprint recognition, biometrics and authentication will increase to 36% by 2020, although few mobile devices today have such functions

the company also pointed out that voice based user interface technology is becoming an increasingly important part of the customer experience of smart, tablet computers and smart watches. This growth is driven by a variety of applications, including not only traditional hands-free calling applications, but also the rapid growth of virtual digital assistants (VDAs), uninterrupted interfaces, speaker voiceprint recognition, etc

voice interface technology has quickly become an important part of mobile device user interface. Peter, chief analyst of tractica, closed controller and computer? Peter Cooney said. Many functions are added, such as voice authentication and virtual digital assistant

Cooney added that the technology needed to run the voice interface is mature to a large extent. Microphones and audio processors are now sufficiently advanced to be widely used in a wide range of applications

Tractica's analysis shows that many suppliers are optimistic about this growth opportunity, and at least 24 mobile technology suppliers provide products in this field

the report also points out that touch screen application has become the main interface technology of intelligence. With the passage of time and the development of technology, it will change from single touch to multi touch. The report believes that although touch will still be the main user interface for mobile devices such as smart, tablet computers and smart watches, this aircraft can navigate around the world only by relying on solar energy, and touch will also be widely used in the future

the report believes that visual technologies, such as gesture recognition and eye tracking, may also become applications for smart and tablet computers, but hardware and software improvements are still needed and more progress must be made

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