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[voice of the two sessions] build a national rare earth new material base in Inner Mongolia

at the two sessions this year, Dong Hengyu, member of the CPPCC National Committee and vice chairman of the CPPCC Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, proposed to build a rare earth new material industry base in Inner Mongolia, the "capital of rare earth", without creating a strong neck

-- extend the rare earth industry chain, vigorously develop new rare earth materials and applications, and even end products. On the basis of consolidating and improving the advantages of rare earth raw material industry, we should concentrate on the development of rare earth new material industry and vigorously develop rare earth high-tech application products. Vigorously develop new materials such as permanent magnet materials, hydrogen storage materials and polishing materials, and increase investment attraction for high-end new materials and application products. Improve the systematic production and supporting service capacity of the rare earth industry, make all links of each production chain closely integrate and complement each other, and ensure the healthy and rapid development of the rare earth industry chain. Further form the agglomeration and linkage effect of the rare earth industry, and truly build Inner Mongolia into the country's largest production base for the research and development of rare earth new materials and end application products, and the Bayer global textile expert team can lead the research and development and testing of new PU coated fabrics

-- combine the regionalization of rare earth industry with the globalization of rare earth marketing. The production internal force of the rare earth industrial system is enhanced through the specialization and cooperation within the cluster and the extension of the industrial chain. In today's economic globalization, the development of industrial clusters cannot be separated from international resources, international markets and other external forces. We should seize the opportunity of the global transfer of the world's manufacturing industry and the deepening of the international division of labor, enter the situation that the types of packaging have changed, fail to grasp the global division of labor, production and marketing system in time, and gradually establish an industrial cluster of Production Regionalization and marketing globalization

-- promote the innovation ability of rare earth industry and clusters. First, we should improve the original innovation and integrated innovation ability of clusters by establishing a regional innovation system of rare earth industry, including rare earth production enterprises, research institutions and higher education institutions. Second, we should increase technological transformation. We should not only digest and absorb the introduced technology, but also improve the ability of introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation. Third, we should constantly improve the independent development ability of enterprises and clusters, dare to accept new ideas, new technologies and new methods, and realize the innovation of production, operation and management mode

-- refine and improve the original rare earth industry development policies, and formulate measures to promote the development of local rare earth industry according to local conditions. 7 Please read the instructions carefully and take measures to optimize the institutional environment. Establish a coordination mechanism for the development of rare earth industry with the participation of governments, departments and enterprises, build a legal, international and convenient business environment, and improve the rules, standards, laws and other institutional environment. Relevant departments can issue relevant preferential policies in terms of examination and approval, taxation, land use, etc. The government can consider guiding information and testing institutions to settle in the rare earth new material industry base, providing policy support and financial support, reducing the business costs of rare earth enterprises in obtaining information and monitoring services, and continuously promoting innovation. We should study the formation path of the rare earth industry value chain in Inner Mongolia, the degree of division of labor and cooperation of supporting enterprises, and the adaptability of the software and hardware environment to the development of rare earth industry clusters. According to the relevant industrial cluster theories at home and abroad, we should formulate and issue optimization policies and measures in close combination with practice, so as to provide a good industrial environment for the healthy development of rare earth industry clusters

-- Based on the use of local talents, organically combine local talents with introduced talents, and give full play to the talent advantage of the development of local rare earth industry. We should draw lessons from the talent policies of economically developed regions and combine them with reality, formulate talent incentive policies scientifically and reasonably, optimize the talent development environment, and form a good atmosphere of loving, retaining, using and cherishing talents. We should increase the investment, financial support and intellectual property protection of entrepreneurship and innovation talents in the new material industry, build a mechanism for scientific and technological achievements, intellectual property protection and benefit sharing, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of scientific researchers for innovation and entrepreneurship, and promote the rapid development of the rare earth industry

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