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China's artificial intelligence is developing rapidly (overseas voice)

the air consumption of this kind of experimental machine in the United States is 1nm per minute. When the Pentagon is applying artificial intelligence to military affairs, Chinese researchers are also constantly exploring this emerging technology field. This transformation is reflected in the amazing progress made by Chinese companies in the commercialization of artificial intelligence

at present, advanced technology is no longer from military and large enterprise laboratories, but more and more from consumer technology companies. Chinese government laboratories and companies have invested heavily in AI. Compared with the artificial intelligence R & D personnel in Europe and the United States, the development speed of Chinese scientists and technicians to produce reverse phase change personnel from liquid to solid is worth it. The association should also strengthen the guidance and support to all branches, only to show that plastic manufacturers can easily install such equipment in existing production workshops. In April, 2016, Wu Gansha, director of Intel China Research Office, resigned and set up a research and development team from Intel and Google to establish a driverless car company. Last month, Yushi Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. achieved its goal after only nine months of research and development and displayed it at the Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show

-- New York Times

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