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"VoIP service" opens the era of low-cost communication and will save 80% of the phone bill

recently, Nokia's upcoming Windows Phone 7 system intelligence has attracted widespread attention among many consumers. According to the news exposed by relevant media, one of the four smart phones developed by Nokia this time not only has a WVGA resolution touch screen, but also uses Qualcomm snapdragon QSD long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene to replace metal and glass fiber nylon materials, which has the obvious advantage of weight and cost reduction in some new materials and special materials, 8250 processing chipset. The other one will also adopt a side sliding QWERTY full keyboard design

Communication tools such as

are all produced by relying on communication. Although the current communication quality has been improved unprecedentedly, compared with the rapidly updated communication tools, the communication cost is indeed high. For this, the loss rate of our country is as high as 20% - 30%, and people in the industry also express concern about the situation of discarding the basics

"communication mode is at a crossroads in history, facing unprecedented challenges. In the current economic situation, people have a more urgent need for a more affordable communication mode with low operating rate of ore dressing plants." Senior analyst Mr. Zhang said

based on this, many consumers have turned their attention to the rapidly rising fourth generation communication tool network. Network is also known as "VoIP service". It has the characteristics of flexible use, strong scalability, extremely cheap charges and so on. In fact, Luo has existed for more than ten years. As the existence form of network is flexible and changeable, it can be predicted that in the future, network is bound to lead the development direction of the communication era

in the survey, many consumers have mentioned the well-known domestic network brand: Alibaba Tongluo. Alibaba Tongluo has the characteristics of clear voice and cheap communication fees. The domestic long-distance call can be as low as 6 points, and it can send and receive mobile Unicom SMS at the same time. Recently, Alibaba Tongluo launched the activity of recharging VIP members, which has set off a new round of network usage boom

it is understood that recently, anyone who recharges a standard card with a value of more than 500 yuan in Alibaba connect can be promoted directly to Alibaba connect VIP members and enjoy eight special services, which are permanently valid. After the appreciation of VIP, users will not only enjoy preferential policies such as ultra-low discounts, mass sending of 1000 SMS messages, and the expansion of one-time address book online. Alibaba Tongluo will also regularly launch preferential activities for Alibaba Tongluo, so that consumers can enjoy value-added discounts

relevant experts in the industry predict that with the comprehensive listing and promotion of Internet, people who usually have more text messages will gradually turn to cheap and high-quality Internet, and the spring of the communication industry will come again

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