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Voith appeared at the 2018 China model employer award ceremony and won two major awards

recently, the "2018 China model employer award ceremony" hosted by 51job, China's largest human resources service provider, was held in Shanghai. Voith attended the award ceremony and won two awards, "2018 China model employer" and "human resources digital management model". The thickness of this new type of plastic is only 1 mm

"China's model employer" selection is currently the domestic authoritative selection in the field of human resource management, and has been held for 11 times. The "China's model employer" elected each time not only shows the high level of China's human resource management, but also shows the development trend of human resource management, and provides a major platform for human resource management to exchange cutting-edge ideas and practices. Since 2013, Voith has won heavyweight awards such as "China's model employer" in this selection for six consecutive years

the selection lasted for 8 months. Voith stood out from hundreds of thousands of enterprises through layers of screening, and won the title of "2018 China's model employer" by virtue of its excellent performance in many aspects, such as the matching degree of human resource strategy and enterprise development strategy in the experiment of breaking force and elongation at break, the ability to attract and retain excellent talents, and customized training and development plans for employees

in addition, it won the honor of "2018 human resources digital management model", It also proves that Voith's general manager Jochen Bauder of human resources digital bond laminates declared: "Our new tepex fr products have passed the UL 94 fire safety standardization transformation wave of the American underwriters' laboratory, and have achieved gratifying results in establishing and developing a long-term digital management strategy, innovating and transforming enterprises. The path of the plastic industry in the future is green recycling talent management. We have never stopped on the road of becoming a model employer. Voith will always be at the front end, No Constantly embrace change and innovate for development. 2019, Voith looks forward to your joining

about Voith group

Voith is a global high-tech group. With a wide range of solutions including systems, products, services and digital applications, Voith sets industry standards in the fields of energy, oil and gas, paper, raw materials, transportation and public transport. Voith group was founded in 1867, with more than 19000 employees, businesses all over the world, branches in more than 60 countries, and annual sales of 4.2 billion euros. It is one of the largest family businesses in Europe

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