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Voicebox provides natural language understanding technology for Samsung mobile devices

voicebox provides natural language understanding technology for three electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine clamping drive fault analysis and troubleshooting

--voicebox technology solutions will be used for Samsung mobile devices

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voicebox technologies C Today, organization announced its strategic cooperation with Samsung, which will provide natural language understanding (NLU) technology for Samsung's voice services. The two companies are now working closely together to build intelligent assistants using voicebox's NLU technology

voicebox Technologies Corporation today announced a strategic cooperation with Samsung, which will provide natural language understanding (NLU) technology for Samsung's voice services

Mike Kennewick, CEO of voicebox, said: we are honored to be selected to support the voice services of Samsung's existing and newly launched series of mobile devices. We hope to have the opportunity to cooperate with Samsung in other fields, especially those related to our smart home and IOT program, without steel buckle bonding

Peter Koo, senior vice president of Samsung mobile, said: Samsung is very clear that voice is a technology crucial to the future development of our company. We are very happy to cooperate with voicebox, which will support us to provide users with a powerful voice experience

as a pioneer in providing intelligent situational voice solutions, voicebox's acclaimed technology is currently used in many contemporary connected cars, smart and wearable devices. In addition, the company also provides intelligent situational voice solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) seeking to integrate voice control with a range of products in the IOT market

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voicebox provides one-stop shopping services for enterprises that need voice support products and solutions; It mainly provides a complete set of development, testing and data services in terms of enhanced automatic speech recognition (ASR), natural language understanding (NLU), text to speech (TTS) technology, and IOT. The company's products are currently loaded on the products of Samsung, at t, Toyota, Fiat Chrysler automobiles, Dodge, Maserati, Renault, Subaru, smart cars, pioneer and Tom Tom, covering three continents and containing 23 language versions

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