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VoIP ATA is out of date! Realize the connection between old equipment and unified communication...

the new high-performance ESBC redefines the future of small office all IP communication. Patton ESBC has interfaces, which can complete the work of multiple devices at half the cost of other solutions

smartnode VoIP is more than just a call

as an American manufacturer that provides unified communication (tensile testing machine UC such as anchor bolt, anchor cable, steel strand and Anchorage) and cloud and IOT support solutions for operators, enterprises and industrial networks, Patton electronics currently launches the shipment of a new series of affordable, high-performance smartnode enterprise session boundary controllers (ESBC), which provide two to eight integrated interfaces

typical ESBC with low waste quality in China only provides all IP and SIP to sip communication. However, the conversion from traditional analog or ISDN to IP is still a separate work of VoIP media. Patton's innovative technology combines media off functionality with high-end ESBC capabilities in a single low-cost client device, accelerating the obsolescence of traditional analog adapters (ATA)

the new VoIP CPE is designed for small business/small office users, who need to integrate old, fax machines, meters, postage machines or pots/isdn trunks into all IP communication systems, including local and managed UC solutions

sn5541 provides 2, 4 or 8 FXS ports. Sn4151 provides a flexible combination of 2 to 8 FXS and bri ports

Patton's executive vice president Burton a said: we are entering the world of IP. Clouds are still on the rise. In order to achieve integration, many enterprises have greatly increased their local equipment. Patton ESBC can complete the work of two, three or more devices in a single device at half the cost of other solutions

for enterprises with instant fxs/bri media conversion needs: Patton's smartnode 4141 VoIP gateway can meet all your needs. Sn4141 provides the conversion of license keys to feature rich ESBC functions, and also supports the inevitable migration to sip relay, unified communication (UC), hosting or cloud based services

operator level Patton's operator level dual image function (rare in CPE with a small number of ports) provides backward operation/recovery capability to ensure service continuity during network wide software upgrades

the fully functional new smartnode ESBC includes some of the most advanced features, such as simple reliable transfer protocol (SRTP)/transport layer security protocol (TLS) security, USB cellular modem support, PSTN redundancy, 3g/4g failover/invulnerability, universal routing encapsulation (Universal routing encapsulation tunnel) and border clearance protocol (BGP)

they also use the FXS local loop (10km/3ren), which is the longest distance in the VOIP industry, which is very useful for long-distance extensions and other applications. The exchange servo control and transmission system is installed at the lower part of the host

and a built-in BroadSoft packetsmart probe for network monitoring is also provided

last month, Pat was ignorant of history. Ton announced the launch of the copper link 1101 Poe extender kit, which uses copper or coaxial cables to provide up to 3000 feet of Ethernet power

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